REAXIS® C719 is produced by a proprietary process from high purity raw materials. It is primarily used to replenish bismuth in bismuth and bismuth alloy plating baths. It is also used in electrodepostion coating formulations as a catalyst.
Typical Specifications
Bi(CH3SO3)3 (g/l)708 - 780
Bismuth Content (%)19.0 21.0
Free MSA (g/l)125 - 160
Product Characteristics
Physical stateliquid
Chemical typebismuth sulfonate
Appearanceclear to yellowish

Standard Packaging

  • 5 gal. plastic jerrican, 55 pounds net

Storage Conditions

REAXIS® C719 should be stored in the original packaging. The container should be closed tightly after each use to maximize shelf life.

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